Maximising Lead Generation During Low Season

In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, businesses must consistently generate organic leads to remain profitable. However, certain industries experience seasonal variations in demand, which can result in fluctuations in lead generation.
Our client, a renowned brand providing training and development to corporates, faced a similar challenge. To combat it, our team employed targeted SEO strategies during the low season to maximize traffic inflow and maintain business momentum.


The website hosts several pages showcasing various training programs. From our analysis, we realized that the site received higher traffic from program pages vs. blog articles.
While our prior efforts to optimize the program pages were getting good results, we wanted to maximize the lead generation and enrolments by working on the blogs.
Here’s what we did:
  • Content audit to identify the key issues in the existing blogs and to determine priorities.
  • Sweet spot analysis to look for low-hanging fruit.
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis to identify content gaps.
  • Identifying content clusters for the most important “money” keywords.
  • Creating fresh pillar content and supporting content using long-tail phrases.
  • Developing a strategic layout for internal linking to allow the flow of SEO juice to the key pages.
  • Placing CTA (Call-To-Action) banners on traffic-generating blogs to highlight and link to specific training programs.


  • Overall goal completion from select blog articles saw an astounding growth of 184% as a result of strategic placement of CTA banners.


    • The site saw a significant increase in traffic and conversions in the past three months (which was their lean season).



    We hope this case study provides insights and practical advice for businesses looking to optimize their lead generation during seasonal dips in demand.
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