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Looking to multiply your sales? Don’t know what to do and where to start? Let SEO Yodha provide you with professional SEO assistance for enriching your Shopify store with increased sales and enhanced revenues.

Shopify is among the world’s most competitive eCommerce platforms where a myriad of reputed retailers are already well-housed. Competing with them for acquiring a higher ranking and better search visibility is overly challenging. However, that’s where our best comes out. We believe in keeping striving our best, no matter how challenging the target is. Whenever the challenge gets tougher, we come out stronger, ensuring your win. The entire team at SEO Yodha puts their optimum effort and best of their skills to get you your desired result within the targeted time.

Shopify SEO Strategies That Let Customers Find Your Store Easily

Shopify SEO isn’t much different, but yes it is more unique to Shopify websites or stores. It mainly focuses on improving technical areas, content optimization, backlinks, and UI & UX. While Shopify stores come with some really useful built-in SEO features, you need much more SEO on your Shopify website for acquiring a better search engine ranking. That’s where our Shopify SEO strategies prove to be useful. 

We do Shopify SEO differently. Some of the areas that we prominently cover in our Shopify SEO strategies include:

  • In-depth website technical analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Editing and optimizing robots.txt.liquid files 
  • Keyword mapping  
  • Internal linking and external linking
  • Voice search optimization
  • Improving site structure 
  • Boosting page loading speed 
  • Sitemap submission
  • UI and UX
  • Website content optimization 
  • Image optimization
  • Removal of duplicate content or URLs
  • Removal of unnecessary Shopify apps
  • Maintaining blogs & article section

What You’ll Get

  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Increased Online Orders
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Long-Term Customer Engagement
  • Consistent Growth 
  • Brand Awareness
  • Industry-Best ROI
Customized Shopify SEO

We understand every Shopify store owner has its own goals and objectives, and so the demands and requirements. Continuing with the strategies that we used for other eCommerce stores can be ineffective in context to your field of retailing and your website structure. So, we prepare fully-customized SEO strategies that are uniquely advantageous for your online store. These SEO strategies not only rank your website, increase your sales, but also give a smooth and seamless user experience that influences customers for long-term engagement with your brand.

Here’s how it goes on for designing a customized Shopify SEO plan for your store:

We Discuss Your Goals and Vision

We measure our success in your success. So, our priority is to lead your Shopify store to the target as early as possible. But before we get going, we learn about your brand deeply and discuss your requirements, goals & objectives, and vision clearly so that we can set our own target to hit.

Store Analysis Takes Place

Store analysis is crucial as it lets us know the current condition and ranking of your Shopify store. This also reveals the areas of your store that need significant improvement. Our SEO managers prepare a detailed report on the same that helps us create a blueprint for further proceedings. They also send a copy of the store analysis report to your brand representative.

We Study and Analyze the Competition

To dominate the market or create a monopoly, knowing your real competitors is crucial. We understand this fact very well and so before we start working on your store SEO, we do in-depth competition analysis. We use top SEO tools to study which stores we need to do better than. Our SEO experts create a detailed report on every single area your store SEO needs to get ahead in terms of quality and growth.

We Customize Your Shopify SEO Plan

Once we are done with the store analysis and competition analysis, we prepare a custom SEO plan that has the ability to boost the prolificacy of your Shopify store. Thus, we take one step ahead to write your success journey with us.

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If you have decided to enrich your Shopify store with increased sales and sustainable growth, speak to us now. We are always up to giving you a helping hand. 

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