Instant Result for a Local Healthcare Brand Using SEO-Structured Content

SEO local healthcare

Our client is a renowned brand name for health services in Malaysia. We took over SEO content services around December 2022. Needless to say, the website is huge, with multiple pages talking about their specialities, services, facilities, medical practitioners, packages, etc.

The Challenge

A quick analysis showed us that even though the site had a decent domain authority, the number of impressions had failed to grow for the past many months. The website also had a blog page, but it was not bringing in significant contributions in terms of organic traffic.

Our audit showed the following areas of concern:

  • The existing content was not SEO-optimized for headers and meta-tags.
  • Many important keywords were used up by specialty pages with thin content.
  • Various existing blogs were cannibalizing each other and fighting for the same keywords.
  • Many important primary and secondary keywords had not been written up.
  • The webpages showed a poor internal linking structure.
  • The site lacked local SEO strategies and was not ranking in the target areas.

Our Approach

Here’s what we did:

  • Content audit to identify the key issues and to determine priorities.
  • Sweet spot analysis to look for low-hanging fruit within the target region.
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis to identify content gaps.
  • Layering speciality pages with robust intent-based informational content.
  • Creating fresh pillar content using primary keywords that showed quick win opportunities within Malaysia.
  • Creating supporting secondary content using long-tail phrases.
  • Creating a strategic layout for internal linking to allow flow of SEO juice to the key pages.


While SEO-structured content usually takes time to show visible results, in this case, the impact was almost instantaneous. Yep, it managed to surprise us too!

SEO local healthcare

  • The site gained a big leap in impressions and clicks around January 2022 (just about half a month after we started publishing the content).
  • The healthcare client is now ranked on page 1 for many competitive keywords related to their most important speciality services. Many of these have won the number 1 spot on Google beating strong competitors in the country.
  • Even after six months, the growth in impressions and clicks continues to show an upswing.

SEO local

When it comes to SEO, content is one of the biggest winning factors. Implement your SEO content strategies in the right direction, and the game is yours! 👑👑

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