How We Won a Complete Product Category for a Brand with Semantic SEO Strategies. (Clicks up by 4,400%, Impressions by 1,900%)

An IT infrastructure company came to us for help to grow a particular product category which has recently become very important for them. This segment is a high-value and high-profit solution that can run into the millions of dollars worth of project value. It will also open up opportunities for many service, maintenance and hardware cross and upsells.

There were already many strong incumbents in the space, and we had to work fast to play catch up as the market was becoming increasingly competitive.

The challenge was to increase the company’s online search presence and establish its solution as an authority in the market.

Our approach

We started with a comprehensive SEO discovery workshop to understand the client’s brand purpose, offerings, and the important searchable terms they wanted to rank for.

Here’s what we did next:

  • Conducted extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to create a robust semantic keyword list.
  • Reverse-engineered what was already working for competitors and did it better.
  • Prioritised the keywords based on their relevance to the client’s business and mapped them to different stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Listed the queries used to investigate the topic hierarchically.
  • Analysed the search intent of these queries.
  • Enlisted entities related to these queries.
  • Created informational content, flowcharts & infographics aligned with the searcher’s intent and built multiple topical clusters.
  • Created a hierarchy of content to be linked with each other.
  • Optimise the content (Header tags) with the most relevant semantic keywords for each page.


SEO does not work its magic overnight. It took us two months to create and implement our strategies to see the web traffic pick up. With consistent efforts, we’ve been witnessing compounding results month after month.

  • Impressions increased by over 1900%.
  • Clicks increased by over 4400%.
  • The Click-Through Rate (CTR) increased by 118%.
  • The website started ranking higher for several high-intent keywords.
  • Higher lead generation and conversions.

    Note that the results in the chart are that of just a single category section and not of the entire website.This case study clearly illustrates the power of semantic SEO. Top it up with a well-planned topical authority map, and watch your metrics soar!For more SEO case studies, visit our website at

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