How we Boost a Website’s Impressions & Traffic in 4 months.

The client is a Malaysian website that provides rental equipment and services for organising events. We took over as their SEO partner in July 2022.

The client aimed to increase their online visibility to attract new visitors looking for event management options. Not an easy job, especially in the post-COVID era!

What we did:

We decided to start off with what was most crucial to get the ball rolling. Here’s what we did:

  • On-page optimisation for important service pages.
  • Fixed UI/UX issues of the site.
  • Conducted technical SEO audits to improve site performance.
  • Layering their existing content with user intent-based keywords.

In addition, we also realised there weren’t enough internal links between their blog content and the service pages. This meant that there was a significant opportunity to distribute link juice and direct SEO equity to the most important pages!

What followed next?

  • Conducted competitor analysis to understand content gaps.
  • Drew up a content strategy to publish informative articles every month.
  • Created fresh SEO-based blog content, which offered us more scope for building internal links to relevant service pages.
  • Layered old blogs with updated content and added the necessary links.


  • Many important keywords moved up in ranking from Page 2 or 3 to Page 1.
  • Various new keywords (from our layering strategy and new blogs) started ranking. Some of them even made it to the 1st page within a month of being indexed.
  • For non-branded keywords, the total clicks increased by 168.31% and impressions increased by 110%.


And the icing on the cake- the website’s improved visibility resulted in more leads as well as some strong conversions for the client!For more case studies, visit us at

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