How SEO-Structured Content Marketing can WIN it for SaaS Companies’ Web Traffic

How SEO Structured Content Marketing can WIN it for SaaS Companies

In June 2023, we partnered with a SaaS client whose web traffic was facing a downturn. With our tailored SEO strategies, we were committed to navigating this challenge together, aiming for a revitalised web presence and enhanced user engagement.

Generally, the way to grow SAAS companies’ traffic and revenues is through SEO-structured content marketing. Strong content that comes from extensive keyword research on customers’ intent will boost the company’s brand and authority.

Not only will the content be shared on other channels, they are also published on the client’s website, SEO-structured specifically to gain Google’s love. When this content is found on multiple platforms, traffic will ultimately come to the site, giving the search engines important social signals. This will drastically improve its SEO rankings.


  • Conducted a SEO discovery workshop to understand the client’s brand, offerings, and target keywords.
  • Content audit to identify content gaps.
  • Conducted extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to create a robust keyword list.
  • Ensured content was aligned with the searcher’s intent and mapped keywords to different stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Content refresh based on identified keywords and content gaps.
  • Internal linking for a smooth flow of SEO equity between pages to boost conversions.
  • Ensured content exhibited Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT).


How SEO Structured Content Marketing can WIN it for SaaS Companies

  • Impressions showed a 98% growth, indicating revived visibility.
  • Clicks improved by 179%.
  • Significant uplift in high search volume keyword rankings.

SaaS Company case study


The aforementioned tried-and-tested SEO strategies proved pivotal, not just stabilising but uplifting the web traffic for the site!

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