A Shopify eCommerce Success Story: 724% Increase in Clicks, 351% Rise in Impressions

Shopify eCommerce Success Story

One of our esteemed Shopify clients experienced a significant dip in website traffic in June 2023 after working with another SEO agency for some time.

The agency had been creating thin/unuseful content on free blog sites (just to drop backlinks) and also buying links from link farms.

Almost all the SEO executions were based on “engineered backlinking” tactics which are against Google’s terms of service.

* Generally, if an SEO agency’s monthly deliverables are based on a set number of keywords that they are targeting, then almost certainly these keywords will be the “anchor texts” for such backlinking tactics.

**anchor text = the words/phrases/keywords that have an embedded link from the content. Clicking on the link will take you to another URL(client website). It forms a part of backlinking.

As Google is moving towards content that is helpful/useful and to get rid of link spam, it is only a matter of time before these grey/black hat strategies will punish websites.

The new client is one clear example of being punished by Google as there is not much good SEO done on the site, and their only SEO tactic was with backlinking: trying to game Google’s algorithms.

Our partnership began in July 2023 and we immediately implemented tailored Shopify & SEO strategies that are good in Google’s eyes.

The results

  • 724% increase in clicks.
  • 351% Increase in impressions.
  • Various keywords started improving in their ranking on the search engines.

Ecommerce Shopify

Shopify SEO

What we did

  • Adjusted the internal linking structure to point to canonical URLs, eliminating duplicate content.
  • Disavowed tons of toxic backlinks built by the previous agency.
  • Optimised internal linking and enhanced the site’s architecture to improve indexation and to create/sculpt proper semantically/contextually-charged signals to/from the right content.
  • Introduced rich snippets and structured data to enhance visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Keyword research for product & collection pages.
  • Content optimisation by layering existing content to sync with the searcher’s intent.
  • Created fresh content and topic clusters to align with our tailored Shopify SEO best practices.
  • Included FAQ into various product pages answering concerns of potential buyers.
  • Improved user experience (UX) on the product category pages for user-friendly product views to enhance the conversion rate.
  • Optimised their GMB (Google My Business/Business Profile) listing.

Our client’s Shopify store is now not just a hub of vibrant commerce with growing web traffic.

Every dip in traffic is an opportunity for unprecedented growth, and with the right SEO strategies, the sky’s the limit!

For more Shopify SEO case studies, check out: https://seoyodha.com/category/case-study/ecommerce/

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